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This story is for kids ages 2-7 that may have a (not so) tiny temper. My Tiny Temper uses fun illustrations and a cuddly Feeling Friend to give kids tools and techniques to keep their Tiny Temper from growing into a giant monster!

All My Emotions: Feelings Friends Magnetic Emotions Board for Kids

  • Hardcover book with 42-pages.
  • Tiny Temper Plush Toy
  • Bookmark and Sticker Sheet
  • 8.5 x 5.5 Feeling Friends Coloring Book
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This is Fussy Fever!


Tiny Temper is the Feeling Friend that grows and grows when he isn’t very happy! He moans and groans and as he gets bigger and bigger this book teaches that we need to stop, take deep breath and have a chat with our Tiny Temper so that we can prevent him from growing into a BIG monster full of feelings.

Beautiful illustrations and a great story with a lesson!

With this set, children can:

  • Learn to manage their emotions using healthy strategies
  • Build vocabulary to talk about emotions
  • See their emotions as a friend instead of a monster that can’t be controlled

With this set, parents can:

  • Help kids interpret their children’s language and emotions
  • Communicate in ways that children understand

My Tiny Temper Cuddly Feeling Friend Plush

This 5.5 inch plush gives kids a tangible friend that helps them see and understand their feeling.

Tiny Temper is perfect for cuddling while reading their new favorite story!

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“ “ Thank you so much for creating this beautiful book and the stuffy! this is their favorite book now. ” ”

Sarah Bates


All My Emotions: My Tiny Temper Hardcover Book Set


All My Emotions: My Tiny Temper Hardcover Book Set


All My Emotions: My Tiny Temper Hardcover Book Set


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